Collision Repair

Collision Repair for Winston-Salem, NC

Have you recently been in a car wreck? If an accident left your car inoperable or just plain ugly, our collision and body repair team will help make your vehicle look good as new once more. If you want to remove any dents from your bumpers, doors, or hood, we are the team to trust! We won’t chip or scratch your paint, and after we’re finished you’ll have never known there was once a dent there.

collision repair Winston-Salem, NC

Additional Services include being able to call our towing company to come get your vehicle.

If you've been in an accident or crash, you may have additional problems other than just dents and scratches. Our expertly-trained technicians can repair and replace dented and crunched fenders, bumpers and body panels. We’ll inspect the frame and see what work needs to be done there as well. We can make sure your vehicle doesn't have any embarrassing scratches, scuffs or dents post-accident. With our help, you’ll be able to drive away with your engine working in great condition and your car’s exterior looking sleek and like-new as well. When you've been in an accident and are in need of collision repair, contact the professionals at Ray's!

Contact us for any collision estimate in the Winston-Salem, NC area.

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